Glossary auto-linking filter

The Glossary auto-linking filter creates links to a glossary activity entry whenever the word or phrase is used elsewhere in course, such as in forum posts, labels or page resources.

Enabling the Glossary auto-linking filter

  1. If enabled, a teacher can turn the filter on (or off) in the course, or in a particular activity, via the Filters link in the administration block.

Note: Enabling the Glossary auto-linking filter does not automatically turn on linking for each glossary entry. In the glossary settings ‘Automatically link glossary entries’ should be set to Yes, and for each glossary entry the checkbox ‘This entry should be automatically linked’ should be ticked.

Site administration settings

  1. The Glossary auto-linking filter must be enabled by an administrator in Site administration > Plugins > Filters. See Managing filters for more details.

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