Site-wide reports

Standard Reports for Administrators

In addition to reports available at both site and course level, the following site-wide reports are available for administrators:

  • Comments – See all comments created on the site.
  • Backups – displays a list of all course backups made, the time taken to create them, their status, and the next scheduled automated backup execution time
  • Config changes report – Shows changes made by an administrator to the site configuration
  • Logs – Activity reports for course or site
  • Live Logs – Live logs from the past hour as a table
  • Performance overview – overview of settings that may impact site performance such as Theme Designer Mode or Debugging
  • Question instances – Reports where particular question types are used on the site
  • Security overview – overview of security related settings such as Allowing EMBED and OBJECT tags or No Authentication.
  • Spam cleaner – helpful tool for rooting out spam users if you do not have Captcha required as part of authentication.

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