In this major update we updated Moodle update to it’s latest in the market. The beta version of Time Tracker is available to test and can be use in the LMS for precise time tracking of students. There are several more demanded features added like Unique login, Online Classrooms recurring instances and Moodle’s 3.6 version added their own set of new features. Read more below for a complete list of updates.


  • In this update we updated Moodle core to 3.6


  • A much demanded Time Tracker (beta) feature is added, with it’s help you can track learner’s time in activities/resources. Read documentation post .
  • Attendance Register plugin added to calculate the time learners spend in a Course or a group of Courses. Read the difference between Time Tracker and Attendance, and their use case. .
  • Add an expiry date to a Custom Certificate, this expiry date could be a variable (like 2 years and 6 months), or a fixed date (like 30 Dec, 2021).
  • Regular expression short answer quiz type question is added.
  • Unique login authentication is added so that each learner can only have one active session simultaneously. The latest session is valid and all other past sessions are expired automatically.
  • You can add a future enrollment date in a course’s enrollment settings.
  • Online/Virtual classrooms can now be set to repeat in the same day and time of the next week.
  • We added an “All products” block in store’s homepage.
  • Simple Global Search feature is available without the need to install an external engine. A string can be searched within the entire LMS or specific to a course.
  • Award badges based on other badges.
  • You can choose “from” field and a custom “subject line” to send a message to a learner. The “from” field will list all the admins of the account.
  • Teachers can message to a group.
  • Assignment feedback can include media or other files.
  • In Page resource, hide page’s last modified date.


  • The file size that can be uploaded to a course has been increased from 256MB to 512MB. This means you can upload bigger media files (course content) in a course. Pro accounts can take their account manager’s help to upload bigger files than 512MBs.
  • Several improvements in GDPR plugin.
  • Learner’s course overview and dashboard page is improved.
  • Messaging interface is improved.
  • A message is added on checkout page intimating not-logged in user that he/she must have an account to checkout. The user will be taken right back to where they left off (the Checkout page) once he/she confirms the account.


  • Issue where a learner could checkout with multiple quantity of a course is fixed.


  • Adaptable theme is deprecated and will be removed in upcoming month. You can switch to ScholarLMS’s Learner theme (the default theme), which is the most supported theme for web and mobile browsers.
  • Imagepage module is deprecated, please switch to H5P Interactive course content. You can ask our help to make this switch.

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