Attendance Register activity

Attendance Register is an Activity. The purpose is calculating the time participants spend in a Course or a group of Courses. It actually does not have any “activity” to do, but introduces the “time spent on Course” concept.



Generally speaking, an Attendance Register instance automatically calculate online time spent by Users in the same Course the instance is (or in all Courses of the same Category, or all “meta-linked” Courses, depending on tracking mode. See below).

It also allows Users to declare (self-certificate) offline activity.


Online sessions and session timeout

Time spent online is calculated in Sessions. A User’s Online Session is a span of time spent by the User on online contents, before leaving and returning only after a “long” time.

These kind of “Sessions” are not recorded by ScholarLMS. They are “guessed” by this module using Log entries and a Session Timeout parameter.


Online sessions calculation and updating

  • Online Sessions are batch-calculated by ScholarlMS’s Cron
  • A new Session will appear only some time after the last User’s tracked activity (this is not a bug; this is needed to correctly estimate the User’s Session).


Offline sessions

“Offline” work sessions self-certification may be optionally enabled.

If enabled, in the Register page the tracked user has a form to record a new Session of work offline(and so, not automatically recorded as Online Session).

This new Session is marked as “offline”. Its duration is added to the time grand-total and online/offline subtotals are calculated.

The user may also add additional Comments (optionally enabled, optionally mandatory 🙂 )

If the Register is tracking multiple Courses (see below) the User may also select a Course related to her/his offline activity.

Offline Sessions time must obey these rules:

  • May not overlap any existing Session, either online or offline nor current online session
  • May not be in the future
  • Must be less than a given number of days ago (“Days back” setting)
  • Must be shorted than 12 hours (!)

Offline Sessions may be always deleted by the owner, later.

Offline work self-certification may be useful if “bureaucracy” requires the Student to log every off-classroom activity, including but not limited to the online activity.

If bureaucracy needs a paper log too 😉 a printable version is also available (see below).

Note 1: Adding Offline Sessions is NOT allowed when another user (Admin) is “Logged in as…” the tracked User.

Note 2: Adding Offline Sessions for another user is allowed only with the mod/attendanceregister:addotherofflinesess capability (Denied by default)


Tracked courses

Depending on the Attendance Tracking Mode setting, a Register instance will only track User activity in:

  • This Course only: only current Course (the Course the Register instance is in)
  • All Courses in the same Category: the current Course AND all other Courses directly in the SAME Category (if a hierarchy of category exists, Courses in parent, sibling or child Categories are NOT tracked). (See also Tracking-multiple-Courses-in-the-same-Category).
  • All Courses linked by Course meta link: (this is the pre 2.0 Meta-Course) the current Course and all courses that have a Meta-link with this Course


Student view

When a Student view the Register, he/she may see only his own Sessions and, if enabled, the Offline Session input form.


Teacher/admin view

When a Teacher or an Administrator view the Register, he/she see the list of tracked Users (usually Students) with calculated total Session time. If he clicks on a User, enters the User’s Sessions detailed view (the same the User himself see), except for the Offline Session input form.


Force recalculation

Admins and Teacher may force online Session Recalculation. This is normally not needed as Sessions and totals are calculated periodically by the Cron. It is also a time and machine-load expensive operation, especially for big Courses, so AVOID FORCE RECALCULATING SESSIONS. Recalculating Sessions is only needed when “Attendance Mode” or “Session Timeout” settings changes, as they influence the way Offline Sessions are estimated.

Force Recalculating DOES NOT affect Offline Sessions.


Printable version

Printable versions are special version of Users list and User’s detail pages, formatted for printing. Also, some data shortened in standard view is fully shown in printable version. Please also note that buttons disappear when printed 🙂


Activity completion tracking

Attendance Register supports activity completion tracking by user view and by custom completion condition: minimum time tracked by the module.

Minimum time is expressed in minutes.

Total tracked time (i.e. online total time + offline time, if enabled) will be used for completion.

The content on this page was taken and adapted from CinecaElearning/moodle-mod_attendanceregister forked from nicusX/moodle-mod_attendanceregister.

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