This post carries combined updates of June, July, and August months.


  • Updated the BigBlueButton (online classrooms platform provider) to BigBlueButton Server 2.0.0 (1687), this version is 100% supported by HTML5 based browsers.


1. Two factor authentication (2FA)

The two factor authentication (via email) adds an extra layer of security to the LMS users. The feature can be enabled/disabled and you can also exclude roles of from the authentication. The settings can be reached by going to Settings->Advanced settings->Plugins->Local plugins->Two factor authenticationTwo factor authentication admin settings

If enabled, after logging-in the LMS will send a unique code to the registered email, this code is required to proceed further and access the account.

Two factor authentication screen


2. Online classrooms report

The newly built classrooms report shows all the instances of a classroom with details like no. of participants, start date & time, its duration in minutes and if it was recorded or not. You can filter these report based on a data range and the report can be downloaded in most common formats like CSV, PDF, XLSX, HTML table, ODS and JASON.
Online classroom reports filters
Online classroom sessions

There is a site-wide report accessed from Reports and Logs-> Online classrooms report and it lists all the classroom activity with its instances. On the other hand classroom report of a course can be accessed from Course-> Course administration-> Reports-> Online classroom reports.
Online classroom reports of course


3. Date/Time custom field type

Now you can add a new custom date/time field type. The field can be used for any information that require date/time format such as date of birth, admission date, etc. The date field is also supported in Custom Certificates and can be pulled to show that information on the certificates.

4. Microsoft Word File Import/Export (Book)

Import the contents of a ‘.docx’ format file into a book, splitting it into chapters and (optionally) subchapters, based on the heading styles. The file can be from either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Also supports exporting books to Word format, for round-trip editing. Read more

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