In this article we will cover how to perform backup of a course and how to restore a backed up course. This feature is also helpful in the situation where you want to duplicate an entire course or part of a course. The process starts with backing up an existing course.


Section 1: Performing backup

Step 1. Go to the course which you want to take backup or duplicate.
Step 2. From the left side course’s navigation, click on Course administration link

Duplicate or course backup

Step 3. Click on the Backup link

Duplicate or course backup

Step 4. This will open a new page with “Backup settings”. You may leave it as default or check the desired options. You can click on “Jump to final step” button if you would like to backup with default settings, in this case, you will be taken to the final step and backup file will be created for you. Next you should follow the Restore instructions below.

If you have clicked on Next button, you will be taken to select modules of the course, by default everything will be selected, you can deselect an item that should not be included in the backup file. You can deselect user data, if that should not be included. Once done, click Next.

Backup course include

Step 5. In this step, give this backup file a name that you can recognize or leave it blank, remember to put .mbz file extension. You can also review the Backup settings once again to make sure this backup is as it should be. And then click “Perform backup” button.

Backup course filename with mbz extension

Backup course perform backup button

Step 6. Depending on the size of the course, the backup process may take several minutes, keep calm and do not cross the browser. Once done, you will get a confirmation message. Click on Continue button. The next page will take you to the page where you can either restore this course file or download it.

Backup course confirmation

Course restore choose file

Section 2: Performing restore

If you clicked on the Continue button in previous step, you will be taken to the Course restore page, you can jump to Step 3 to backup this course. If not, start with Step 1.

Step 1. Like the Backup process, go to the course and click on Course administration link.

Duplicate or course backup

Step 2. And this time, click on the Restore link

Course administration restore


Step 3. This will take you to the restore page. From this page, you can either upload a .mbz backup file or select from the backup area showing you the recent backed up files.

Course restore choose file

Step 4. Click on restore button, this will take you the “Backup details” page. Continue.

Step 5. The next page will ask if you want to restore this backup as a new course, or on an existing course. Go ahead with the new course option if you want to just duplicate this course, or restore in an existing course. Click Continue.

Step 6. The further steps will ask you what to restore in a course, once done click on “Perform restore” button.

Step 7. You will get a confirmation message about this restore and you will be taken to the course itself.

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