• Updated Moodle core to 3.8+ (previous version 3.6)


1. User logged-in log

This log is first in the sequence of providing you active users data (more in a raw form), in near future we will add a more elaborate report i.e. active learners/users report. The cut-off date of this log is 19th Dec, 2019. That means Jan 2020 is going to be the first to show full month’s login logs. The page also shows you the unique logs (which is essentially the active learners) for a defined duration.

User Login Log


2. Personal space in messaging drawer for draft messages etc.

The messaging now has a personal space that can be used for saving quick messages or links to read later, or create personal notes, or to-do lists.

Messaging personal space


3. Messaging conversations can be muted

This would allow users to mute busy conversations they may not want to be notified of.


4. Improved H5P Interactive Activity

  1. Improved H5P filter allows admin to add content through URL’s and the content will be visible on the course page itself.
  2. H5P button is added in Atto editor.

H5P button atto editor


5. New H5P content type – Branching Scenario (beta)

Branching Scenario is a flexible H5P content type that enables authors to present a variety of rich interactive content and choices to learners. Learners make choices that determine the content they will see. It can be used in full screen and allows authors to structure the content as a tree with multiple branches and endings.

Explore an example at https://h5p.org/branching-scenario

General features:

  • Scoring can be set per ending or based on points collected through the learner’s path.
  • Any number of branches and endings with different feedback and score per ending
  • Choices may be set to lead to any other node within the interactivity tree structure

The following interactive content types can be used within a Branching Scenario:

  • Course Presentation
  • Text
  • Image
  • Image Hotspots
  • Interactive Video
  • Video


6. Improved forum activity

  • Private reply option: With this feature Student and Teachers may reply to a forum post privately. The user capability “mod/forum:postprivatereply” must be enabled to be able to privately reply to a post. A private reply can only be viewed by the author of the post being replied to, and any users with the capability “mod/forum:readprivatereplies” to view private replies.

Forum private reply

Forum private reply

Forum private reply


  • Forum export functionality: It allows admins to export forums in these formats i.e. csv, xlsx, HTML table, JSON, ODS and PDF.
  • Add the ability to download the forum summary report: The forum summary report can be downloaded in these formats i.e. csv, xlsx, HTML table, JSON, ODS and PDF.
  • Forum summary report option to message selected users: It allows admin to send forum summary reports to selected users. (one, few or all)
  • Forum due dates are added to the calendar: The forum activity can now be linked to calender. It allows students to see the due date on calender and post/participate accordingly.
  • Create forum grading interface: Admin can now create Unified Grading Interface in the Forum where teachers/students/admin can grade students on the basis of the content, participation etc. The grading range can be customise like from ‘0-5’ or ‘0-10’ etc.
  • Activity completion criterion for the forum: admin/teachers now have one more activity completion criteria based on grade received in forums. Students need to attain a minimum number of grades to mark this activity as complete.

completion criterion for the forum


7. Session Timeout alert

This is a new feature to give a notification to users when their session is about to expire. This is to avoid the problem where users have a page open for hours, typing an assignment submission, quiz answer or forum post, and then hit ‘Submit’, only to be told their session has expired, which loses their work.

Session expiring - No recent activity


8. Calendar view selector enables users to switch between month, day and upcoming events

It allows admin/teachers to create a calendar view where they can switch between month, day and upcoming events very easily.


9. Support added for Open Badges 2.0 platforms

Open Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship sharable across the web, explore more at https://openbadges.org/

Deprecated and Removed

The follow features are completed removed from the system. Create a support ticket if you have find an issue related to them.

  • Private classroom activity
  • Image page activity
  • Essential theme

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