The OpenCart default store provides the following page layouts:

  • Account
  • Affiliate
  • Category
  • Checkout
  • Contact
  • Default
  • Home
  • Information
  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Sitemap

If you haven’t done so already, you should take some time to browse the store front. To become familiar with layouts available in OpenCart, you should visit the different page types of your store front. The Manufacturer page layout has a different type of layout than the Checkout page, which has a different page layout than the Information page, and so on. It’s good to see how these layouts arrange themselves, to discover how positioning a module from the Extensions section will affect the overall look of the page.

To create a new  layout page Contact ScholarLMS Support for the same.


design layout page

Clicking “Add Route”, then “Save” will make the new layout available in the store. See Modules for more information on how to add a module to a specific layout page.

ScholarLMS incorporates OpenCart as it's eCommerce module. The content on this page was adapted from OpenCart Documentation.