The ScholarLMS Online/Virtual Classroom is a web conferencing, Instructor Led Training  (ILT) system designed for synchronous learning. It is also a class leading feature that very few LMS’s are equipped with and so we urge you to make the most of it.

With this feature, one or more teachers/educators can take online classes with their learners. Optionally, these sessions can also be recorded and used as future course material.

Checkout ScholarLMS’s live demo of online classroom here.

What will you learn in this section?

  1. Setting up your first online classroom session
  2. Using and getting the most out of it


Section 1: Setup

1. Adding Online Classroom activity

For having an online classroom, it has to be added as an activity in the course, follow these steps to do so.

Step 1. Select the course to which you want have this online classroom session

Step 2. Click on the Turn editing on button which appears at the top right.
Turn editing on toggle

Step 3. Now click to add an activity/resource and add the Online Classroom activity from the pop up.

Add activity or resource button

Online Classroom instructor led training


Step 4. You will now have Adding a new page. Select “Room/Activity with recording” under instance type, so that you can have this live session and get an option to record it as well. Fill out the other settings like General settings, Activity/Room setting, Participants, Schedule for sessions, and Record settings (if you want to record this session to be used as a future resource).

Online classrooms instance setting

Online Documentation - LMS (learning management system)-adding new bbb page

Step 5. Please follow Section 2 on how to conduct an online classroom. While in the classroom, do not forget to start the recording if you want to use this recording for later use.

Online classrooms recording icon

2. Adding recorded class as a resource

Once you have recorded a class lecture or training, the recording will automatically get listed in the same class, you can hide/show it for the enrolled learners.

Also, you can add this recording in a completely new activity. To do so follow these steps.

Step 1 to 4 of Setup and this time choose Recordings only in the instance type.

Online classrooms instance type recordings

Step 5. Next click on button.

Step 6. On the recordings page, you will get an option to import recordings from the same course or other courses.

Import recoding links

Step 7. Import one of the listed recordings.

Classroom recordings to import

Step 8. Once done, click on Go back button.


Section 2: Using an online classroom session

Please watch these three videos to understand how to use your online classroom. These video tutorials cover everything from setting up your mic to recording the session.

1. Setting Up Audio

2. Moderator/Presenter Overview

3. Viewer Overview

3. Screen Sharing

2. Breakout Room Tutorial

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