In this article we are going to explore the online classroom environment, an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) tool. Most of the academic community agrees that classrooms are one of the most effective places for students to learn, hence ScholarLMS’s online classroom activity comes handy for synchronous learning environment.

Let’s explore how to create an Online classroom session in a given course.

Step 1: Go to the desired course.

Step 2: If not, turn editing on from the top right toggle.

course editing on

Step 3: Under a desired section click on “Add an activity or resource”

Add an activity resource button

Step 4: A pop-up will open, select Online classrooms from here and click on Add button.

Online classroom activity

Step 5: Now you should see the settings page, we have explained all these settings in the below section. Go through each settings and Save the session.


Online Classroom’s Settings – Explained!

One of the most important aspect of Online Classroom’s session is it’s settings. How you want to use your online classroom totally depends upon the settings you will choose. Below is the explanation of all the important settings, let’s go through them one by one.


Instance type

Instance type: In instance type you have three options, remember based on the ScholarLMS pricing plan, there could be limited options you see in the dropdown.

a) Room/Activity with recordings: Choose this option if you want to show recordings on the classrooms page. The recordings are automatically get listed at the bottom of the classroom’s page.

b) Room/Activity only : In this option you can still be able to record a session but the recordings will not be shown to learners.

c) Recording only: In this option the classroom’s page will show recorded sessions only.


General settings

Virtual classroom name: Give a title/name to this classroom session.

Description: In this box, you can give a meaningful description to the session.

Send notification: Check this option to send a notification to all participants of the classroom.


Classroom settings

Welcome message: This message is shown at the start of chat box in the online classrooms session.

Wait for Moderator: If you choose this option, participants must wait until a Moderator starts this session. Do not forget to assign a Moderator under Participants if this is enabled.


Participants list

Add participants: You can choose participants from this dropdown, it could be a role(like student, teacher, etc) or a specific student. By default all the enrolled learners are added as participants.

Participants list: From this list you can choose participant role like viewer or moderator.


Schedule session

Schedule for session: Choose the schedule of the session by enabling “Join open” and “Join end”. Without any “Join open” and “Join end” the session will be always open.


Repeat session

Repeat scheduled session: Enable this option if you want to repeat this session at the same day and time every week. This option can only be selected if “Join open” and “Join end” is enabled.


You can leave the above tabs with default settings and save the classroom page.

These video tutorials will help you getting familiar with the Online Classroom session as a moderator (instructor) or a student (viewer).

1. Viewer overview (student)

2. Moderators/presenter overview (instructor)

Take a live demo of online classrooms at

1. Pan and Zoom

2. Shared Notes

3. Live Closed Captions

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