ScholarLMS WordPress Integration SSO

ScholarLMS lets you integrate LMS and WordPress site with the help of the Moodle plugin.

This integration will make the SSO(Single Sign On) possible between the LMS and the WordPress site, meaning it will allow your WordPress logged in users to be able to access the LMS without logging in again. The user will be created (if required) by Moodle and optionally enrolled in the specified Cohort(s), Course(s) and/or Group(s).

Configuration on LMS site:

Step 1: Login to your ScholarLMS account at

Step 2. From the left navigation go to Settings->Advanced settings->Plugins->Authentication->Manage authentication

LMS WordPress integration SSO

Step 3. On the manage authentication page, scroll down to WordPress 2 Moodle (SS0) and enable it by clicking on the crossed eyeball and then go to settings.

Wordpress integration SSO

Step 4. On the settings page, set the Encryption secret key. This is a salt that is used to encrypt data that is sent to LMS. Using a GUID like is recommended to generate this secret key.

Wordpress integration SSO

Step 5. All other fields are optional, once done saves changes.

Configuration on WordPress site:

Step 1. Download and install the wp2moodle plugin in your wordpress site. Or upload it via FTP to your wordpress folder (should end up being called /wp-content/plugins/wp2moodle/) and then activate the plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2. Click wp2moodle on the wordpress menu.

Step 3. Set Moodle Root URL which is the ScholarLMS sub-domain url (e.g., this can be found under My Account page.

Step 4. Under Encryption secret, copy the same secret key that you have set in Step 4 above. Other instructions like shortcodes are available on the settings page itself.


Note: If the user is not yet authenticated, no hyperlink is rendered. The link does not function for WordPress admins.


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